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Financing advice

You need money to realise your ideas, to grow and to keep your organisational heart beating. Convincing the bank is quit an ordeal. This is why KRC Van Elderen will help you do just that. Together we will work on the best corporate plan for your company.

Financing request

Whether you need the mandatory business plan or liquidity and ability prognoses, we help make every request a successful one. We explore the alternatives and have experience with crowd funding and other options. These are all interesting opportunities for financing your company.

From advice to an actual plan

KRC Van Elderen is experienced in giving advices, creating plans and talking to financers. We value the conditions and risks and consider several financial options.

Making the plans come true

We want the best results from request to allocation and want you to be able to follow your dreams and realise all your potential.

Would you like our help on your financial planning?


“The best part about KRC Van Elderen is the personal contact. I can always call them and sometimes they call me just to check in.”
Corrien Pruis
Formido Hattem
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When I can transform a difficult pile of information into a clear and transparent advice for my client, my heart starts racing!

Hans Pol
Accountant Contributor