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KRC Van Elderen aims for quality, today, tomorrow and in ten years from now. Our standards are high. We are not afraid to show our ambition; we are connected to several entrepreneurial organisations, which ensures that we meet the quality and professional standards as set for our profession. 

Dutch organisation for accountants: NBA

We belong to the NBA, the Dutch professional Accountants Organisation. All our AA or RA employees are registered with this organisation. This has some advantages:

  • The NBA is dedicated to further improve the quality of accountant firms
  • The organisation offers high standard educations and internships
  • They offer help with complex issues
  • The NBA provides for a majority in required retraining processes. The organisation keeps us up to date through debates, seminars, meetings and networking events, even after working hours.
  • In case of a difference of opinion, the NBA will offer mediation by the means of an internal committee.

Tax accountancy

Our chartered accountants and public certified accountants are registered with the official register for tax accountants, the RB.

  • The RB looks out for our interests
  • The organisation provides us with information about the profession in order to stay up to date.


Our membership with The International Accounting Group (TIAG) allows us access all over the world. The alliance consists of over a hundred accountants and advice firms originated from over sixty countries. We have all the knowledge that you might need to succeed in your international ambitions.

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