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Whether you employ ten, twenty or a hundred people, you want your personnel management in order. A decent administration will result in a healthy and goal-driven team that has pleasure in working for you. 

From your first day up to your letter of resignation

Building a decent foundation? The personnel services KRC Van Elderen offer will do that for you. We offer guidance from a first day at the office up until a letter of resignation and anything in between.

  • Labour law
  • Social security
  • Payroll taxes
  • Labour union rules
  • Employers security
  • Attendance
  • Advices on payments
  • Secondary working conditions
  • Subsidies
  • HR recommendations

Would you like to invest in a healthy work environment?


You will invest in a solid foundation with our HR services. The result is a healthy and driven team of employers.
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When a company takes my advice and profits from it, my heart starts racing! 

Martijn van Doorn