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Financial statements

Another personal year, another fiscal year, time to check the financial statements and see the developments of your company. Comparing them to last year’s results, but also to your entrepreneurial sector members. Both comparisons are important because they form the base for future plans.

From statements to story

KRC Van Elderen offers you a reliable financial statement every year. We translate the balances and columns into a transparent narrative. You know your starting position and have the ideal means to determine a goal.

Valuable document

Why you should not stow away your financial statements:

  • The statements form an important base with doing taxes
  • You can show your financial stability when applying for a loan
  • Every cooperation is recorded thoroughly in these statements, to avoid any confusion

Focus on the future

The financial statements form a base for planning the coming years. Which trends influence your results and what should be your reaction. We like the challenge of working with you and discussing the future of your company.

Time to take stock?

Financial statements? We translate the bare numbers and balances into a transparent study so you will know your current and future situation.
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When we deliver some flawless information to meet the correct financial responsibilities, my heart starts racing!


Jaap Bakker en Jan van Dorp