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Whimsical consumers, temporary employers and tough competitors; retail is not an average sector. It can also be really exciting. KRC Van Elderen helps you to face every situation confidently.

Retail accountant

KRC Van Elderen is your accountant, fiscal advisor and retailer in one person. A unique combination. Do you want to increase profits, publish a new product or open up a new branch? We explore the possibilities, analyse the developments and track the trends. We believe in every chance!

Broad support

We are committed, realistic and driven. Our broad knowledge of retail ensures you guidance on several issues: 

  • Strategic planning
  • Market studies
  • Demographic studies
  • Comparative studies
  • Inventory
  • Taxes and legal commitments
  • Buying and or selling

Would you like to strengthen your confindence?

“The best part about KRC Van Elderen is the personal contact. I can always call them and sometimes they call me just to check in.”
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