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Personal finance

From your first savings until the start up of your own company, all financial careers differ. With every step belong decisions that have to be made. KRC Van Elderen creates a clear overview and brings your wishes and ambitions closer.

Specialist in personal finance

Do you have a prenuptial agreement in your marriage? Why should you have a will? How do you ensure your current standard of life to continue after your retirement? KRC Van Elderen clarifies your financial and fiscal situation from cradle to grave. Not only income, expenses and capital are important with this clarification, we also have eye for your personal wishes. Together we will create a complete financial plan.

Which aspects sum up personal finance?

  • Career and salary
  • Retirement money
  • Corporate continuity
  • Optimizing fiscal situations in life and death
  • Death of a partner
  • Unemployment of sickness
  • Costs and values of your home
  • Costs of children’s studies and living arrangements

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Barry Nijkamp
Tax Adviser