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Online management information

Online management information is the trend right now. The administration is no longer in the filing cabinet, but in a central place in the cloud. Around it, we cleverly design your digital processes so that you work efficiently, have insight into current figures and can focus on KPIs. That's where the progress begins.

Scanning software

Paper is fragile and ink can fade. With scanning software, your receipts and invoices are never lost. You send them by email or app to the cloud, where they are stored safely and directly in the right place. We work with Basecone, Yuki and Zenvoices.

  • Easily create new creditors or debtors.
  • Split or merge documents at the touch of a button.
  • Approve invoices using a fixed route.
  • Easily consult documents in the digital archive.

Online accounting

With an online accounting system, you always have insight into your figures. Because we work in the same environment, we can directly monitor, check and give advice. In this way, no chance remains unused. We work with Exact Online, SnelStart, Twinfield, AFAS and Yuki.

  • Easy payment of invoices.
  • Efficient processing of bank transactions.
  • Check your current figures anytime, anywhere.

Online reporting

Know where you stand? With online reporting tools, we translate your figures into actual charts and tables. Valuable information that helps you manage your organisation. We work with Visionplanner and Power BI.

  • See at a glance whether you are on schedule.
  • Gain insight into details.
  • Quickly compare figures.
  • Focus on data, both financial and non-financial.


Do you want to switch? From smart processes to clear reports, we offer full support. For more information, please contact us on +31 (0)38 423 15 83 or send an email to

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