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The audit is either an obligational visit every year or an extra confirmation that all is well. KRC Van Elderen is qualified to perform these audits as an independent specialist. We control financial statements and subsidy requests, but also carry out due-diligence inquiries. Our accountancy declaration will enhance the value of most documents.

From audit to accountancy declaration

We study your financial liability during an audit to see whether it complies with laws and regulations. When the administration is not sufficient and deserving to pass, we offer extensive and effective solutions. This way you will comply with the rules and have tools to further optimize your corporate processes. Good turns in to better and better becomes the best.

We support you in several areas:

  • Draft an evaluation statement
  • Judge and describe the current administrative processes
  • Draft and judge a liquidity prognoses
  • Help your intern control unit
  • Do a continuity analysis
  • Determine dividends based on the current liquidity position
  • Prepare the control file for an audit by another firm

Assurance-assignments for colleagues

Do you have an administration or accountants firm and do you need a reliable partner for some assurance jobs? We can help with legal and voluntary mandates or judge the financial statements; we can help you in every possible way. We also offer control and evaluation commissions in specific cases, like subsidy or dividend statements. In short; you can offer your clients the complete package with our complementary services.

Would you like your company to be audited?

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When we deliver some flawless information to meet the correct financial responsibilities, my heart starts racing!


Jaap Bakker en Jan van Dorp