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Transparency is an important aspect within the non-profit business. The financial statements, the accountants’ declaration and the code of conduct all provide knowledge for all participants. The biggest threat might be that these obligations get in the way of the original purpose of your foundation, church community or association.

Accountancy non-profit

KRC Van Elderen helps you to stay focussed on your ideology, the core of your foundation. We will explore your goals, your direct surroundings and offer you advice. We do all this based on years of experience. We have a lot of knowledge of corporate governance and most of us are board members as well.

More than just numbers

We can help you with arranging your foundation in a clever way, make sure your administration is up to date and inform your members when needed. We have experience with applying for subventions, recruiting new members and the ANBI conditions. We consider more than just the bare facts and figures, will you do the same?

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Barry Nijkamp
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