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We are true entrepreneurs, each and every day. As advisors to our customers, but also in owning our own firms. Take-overs, financing and other questions, we have the answers to all your business complexities.

SME - accountancy

Most business issues are about increasing efficiency. To achieve that increase we will explore neighbours and map out your position within the entrepreneurial sector. Besides enhancing the efficiency we also focus on developments in your line of work. What trends exist and how do you participate in them?

Increase profitablitiy

Together we will collect all the relevant and professional information you need. Real-time and relevant information, to ensure accurate and meaningful investments. We will provide you with financial statements in order to have an overview of all developments and the statements are the foundation for increasing the efficiency. A better result is our goal

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When a client calls with a problem and I can solve it quickly, my heart starts racing

Barry Nijkamp
Tax Adviser